The Five Phases

The vision, courage and self-sacrifice your leadership yields,
along with the support of the Growth Guru Team, can build a powerful
partnership that strengthens and sustains a growth-focused company.

Commitment & Vision

With our guidance, you will establish a group of leaders who will help move your business forward.

We can help you develop a leadership team that will possess the courage and self-sacrifice needed for success and commit to a shared vision for your business.

Team Support & Alignment

Together, we determine vital roles needed within your business and identify ideal behaviors and characteristics your support team should possess.

Our Growth Gurus provide you with the necessary assessments and accountability tools to help drive action.

Strategy Decision

Leaders must first identify opportunities for growth by establishing what success means for their business.

Our Growth Gurus develop a strategic course of action specific to your business goals. This includes an environmental scan, facilitation, and utilizing our past experience will help fine-tune the strategy for your success.

Sprints & Initiatives

Once the course of action has been outlined, the leadership and support team must commit to initiating suggested improvements.

Our Growth Gurus will provide your leadership team with tools to measure success and provide coaching opportunities to keep your business on the right track to success.

Success & Reset

The fifth phase is not the end of the journey. It is the perfect time to review, reset, and recharge.

Your leaders will identify the successes and setbacks experienced throughout your journey and adjust accordingly as you continue to grow your business.

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