We’ve’ introduced the concept of your Guru 12: 12 months of focused work. In part one, we covered Alignment Month (January), those vital Growth Months (February – April), and Momentum Month (May). Today we look at the second part of the calendar year.

Process Months
June – Leadership Flywheel review. Which parts of our lead to cash process are moving the slowest? Which functions need to be replaced or fixed?

July – Deep dive into our vendor programs. Which programs need a renewal? Which programs need to be changed or enhanced?

Strategy Months
August – Strike Zone and customer stratification review. Right customers? Right products? Are we still solving a problem(s) better than our competitors? Is the business sustainable?

September – Call to Action with all employees. Update with the facts, no punches pulled, and review what it will take to achieve success in the current year. The leadership team begins to build next year’s strategy. This building should involve key channel partners, engaged customers, and industry experts. Framework completed.

October – Test month. Test new products, test new technology, connect with best-in-class peers nationwide. Lock down needs for next year, understand costs, and have agreement on necessary ROI.

Financial Month
November – Complete Budgets and forecasts for the following year. Include assumptions from investments and process changes. Review growth and leverage plans with vendors for support and marketing. Also review all insurance policies, handbooks, and risk analysis.

Alignment and Agreement Month
December – Budgets are approved and are committed to by all. Strategy plans are completed to implement immediately in the following year. Also complete the latest organizational chart for future needs, potential changes, and talent gaps.

Rinse and Repeat.

While the Guru 12 will look slightly different for each organization, the key is to develop the rhythm of moving through the year with focus and discipline. Please let us know if you would like some help building your 12-month focused/disciplined year.